Why should you choose Blue Ribbon School Bookfairs?

Service - From set up to clean up, we do the heavy lifting for you. No volunteers to help? No Problem!

Prices - Up to 75% of our titles are marked down from retail, making this event accessible to everyone.

Pages for All Ages - Blue Ribbon School Book Fairs are a true family reading event, with hundreds of titles for kids and adults. Award winners like Rebecca Caudill, Bluestem Awards, and Monarch Awards, plus national award winners as well.

You Have a Choice - Competition is a positive for your school and all schools.

Profit - With a wide range of options to pick from, we can help your school achieve the goals that you have set.  Hundreds of titles to pick from for your book profit, and no minimum amounts for cash profit.

We Listen - A Blue Ribbon Book Fair is designed with your school in mind.  We gladly welcome suggestions for categories and age groups.  And because we do the set up, we'll take with us anything you don't want on your fair.

Independent - Blue Ribbon is not owned by a publishing company, so we can select the best titles from all publishers.

Creativity - We select over 300 new items every season.  Add that to our commitment to bring you the best children's titles of all time, and imagine the excitement!

Local Focus - As a member of the community, our focus is on local schools, and we support the local economy.  Our commitment is to you, because you are our neighbors.

Pre-Purchase Gift Certificates for Your Student before the book fair arrives!

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