Easy to use point of sale registers makes check out a breeze. Complimentary zebra stripe shopping bags are a hit with all ages! 

Make it easy for out of town family to support you with prepaid gift certificates.



SciZooka STEM Shops make learning a blast!


Our Country needs a Science Renaissance!  As students fall further behind the rest of the world, funding for important programs becomes increasingly more difficult to secure.  So, what can we do?

Make STEM and STEAM fun with SciZooka! By listening to the needs of our customers, combined with decades of experience, SciZooka has quickly become one of the most innovative education support companies in the United States. Our program is self funding curriculum! 

Our Commitment to You:

· All Teachers Receive HUGE DISCOUNTS on all purchases!

· Great Rewards - cash, product credit, and new for 2020 you can choose Amazon Gift Certificates!

· Hundreds of NEW Titles every season, plus Category Award Winners.

· SciZooka offers the BEST selection of learning materials .

· Our STEM Shops are customized to meet the product needs of your organization.

· 100% Money Back Guarantee on all products purchased at the STEM Shop.


SciZooka provides each student a paper airplane template. Plus, we also provide a prize for you to award the overall winner.


Most important...  SciZooka features the finest quality STEM focused books, kits and activities!



SciZooka helps ignite a love of learning in students of all ages. Along with our partner schools, we provide families the tools to keep the momentum going at home.




We invite you to work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years. Let's explore STEM together!

Vibrant signage brings your STEM Event to life.

Pre-printed send-home letters, announce dates and times.

Exciting posters let everyone know SciZooka will be arriving soon!

“We had such a great time with the SciZooka shop this past week! We are still getting rave reviews from parents and staff about all of your wonderful products.” Taylor - Next Generation School

STEM Shops

SciZooka's world famous paper airplane contest is a fun, inclusive event that all students (and their families) can participate in - free of charge!

Don't worry, no experience necessary!

Friendly and professional staff set up the entire event for you. Plus, we'll also pack up everything once the event is complete! Need help running the cash register at your family event? Just ask us!