Blue Ribbon Event Coordinators develop relationships and coordinate successful fundraising campaigns while at the same time encouraging a love of learning in their communities. They focus on bringing great books and educational activities to schools and non-profits, and in return those same organizations generate funds needed to successfully complete their missions. Sound difficult? You bet! But what could be more rewarding than seeing the spark of inspiration take hold in a student? 

Think you have what it takes to make it work? Let's discuss what you can accomplish - with our tools and your determination to make a better world starting in your own community. 


Desire to see kids succeed in reading.
Able to present Blue Ribbon's programs to small groups, or one on one with Educators and Reading Professionals.
Willingness to learn new things every day.
Ability to work with out direct daily supervision.
Willingness to schedule events and programs with organizations large and small. You can't be a shy!
Ability to recruit and train Volunteers to help kids find the best books available.

Our Event Coordinators are independent contractors, who create their own schedules. Event Coordinators share in the success of programs in their area, and need to be able to create opportunities to bring great books to their community. Up to the challenge? Let's talk!

Make sure to include:
-Contact Information (name,address,phone)
-Available Schedule
-Any applicable experience


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