Opportunity is Knocking

We’ve all heard how hard the book business is, right? But what about opportunities…does anyone ever talk about that? Blue Ribbon offers your book store or fundraising company the following by becoming an affiliate:

  • Opportunity to tap a 500 million dollar market.
  • Generate revenue in off peak times.
  • Keep valued employees engaged and part of your team.
  • Generate foot traffic with free advertising.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

We’ve learned how to do it. For ten years we’ve worked to perfect a model…one that we accomplished without bank loans while still retaining our values. We’re not getting rich, but that’s not really why we’re in the book world is it? Sure, we’ve got to make a living, to keep the lights on and pay our staff. But it's not just about the money.

So why do you do it? You feel rewarded when your customers find a book that means the world to them, maybe even changed their life. If it’s a kid who loves that book…well, that’s what keeps you going every month - paying it forward while you’re paying the bills.

Now imagine seeing a whole room full of people surrounded by great books, having fun and raising money for a great cause. And then imagine your store’s name right in the middle of the party…We can do it together, we’ll show you how. Send us a note or give us a call. It costs you nothing to explore the possibilities. 

Top Reasons to Become a Blue Ribbon Reading Affiliate

Proven Growth Strategy

Blue Ribbon focuses on developing a proactive versus reactive approach for our school and non-profit partners. Providing quality events is a reoccurring revenue model Blue Ribbon has thrived on because it is sustainable over time. As a Blue Ribbon affiliate, business owners learn how to work on their business, rather than in their business.

Brand Recognition

As a recognized leader in the field of fundraising, Blue Ribbon provides first-class programs to clients throughout a broad spectrum of the community. When a client chooses a fundraising partner bearing the Blue Ribbon name, the client can be sure they are dealing with a reputable company with only the most professional and highly-skilled professionals. Plus our website is consistently in the top five of Google search rankings, given you a solid stream of quality leads.

Operational Excellence

Affiliates of Blue Ribbon benefit from a system that has been tested and proven for over 30 years. Operating manuals detailing the best practices, policies, programs, and procedures are provided as a foundation to improve and grow an affiliate's business through the implementation of the Blue Ribbon.

Best in Class Marketing Tools

The strength of Blue Ribbon lies within our people. Therefore, as an affiliate, it is important to provide tools to enable a more effective sales process. Blue Ribbon affiliates are able to focus on operational efficiency and revenue growth tactics because they are not spending time trying to research and locate sales tools to keep their business up-to-date. A comprehensive library filled with the latest Blue Ribbon tools is readily available to help create quantifiable and sustainable results for each affiliate within the network.

Innovative Technology and Ongoing Support

Blue Ribbon affiliates are equipped with advanced technology, which allows for a streamlined approach to service delivery and business management, resulting in a more enhanced experience for the client. For example, our on site sales processing maximizes the productivity of field service teams, enabling a focus on client satisfaction rather than on paperwork. In addition, our talented business systems team provides continuous support to ensure technical systems are implemented proficiently for each of our affiliates.

Continuing Education, Training, and Leadership Development, Specialized Management and Coaching

Each Blue Ribbon Service contractor within our network receives one-on-one management and coaching through their assigned Development Directors (DD). Our team of DDs applies their expertise and many years of experience in the fundraising industry to personally consult each organization. They provide a guide to achieve individual business goals as well financial performance development reviews and franchise start-up assistance.

Professional Recruitment

Whether Blue Ribbon Service Affiliates are looking to strengthen a sales team or hire top-notch managers, our Recruiting Department can identify the talent in an affiliate's local market through the utilization of proven recruiting methods. Our recruiters specialize in our business and focus solely on identifying and placing top talent in the fundraising marketplace. 

National Purchasing Power

Blue Ribbon Affiliates capitalize on the scale of our network’s combined purchasing power. Leading providers of services and solutions to small businesses participate in our National Purchasing Program to extend preferred pricing and offer special services to assist in lowering operating costs.

Network of Experts

As part of a national network of affiliates who operate according to the same principles, use the same systems, constantly share best practices, and implement the newest and best technology, Blue Ribbon provides expertise unique to our marketplace.

Do Well While Doing Good

Make a living improving the lives of others. Literacy is the key to a successful life – be a part of the renaissance in education. For more information about Affiliate Programs, please contact us