Don't forget to take the Books on Tour Challenge... Read one title from each state's list of award nominees!

Readola Readathons Raise Money and Reward Reading!

What makes Readola Readathons different? A traditional readathon encourages kids to sit down for a few minutes and read any book that catches their eye. That's great, but we think we can do better! Readola guides your students into a great  book at their appropriate reading level. High interest, high quality, correct reading level - that's the Readola difference!

Next, use the Blue Ribbon Awards Collection to create a Reading Roadmap of Lexile Level appropriate titles. Each title is an award nominee!

Rewarding students for accomplishing their goals is a proven method for keeping the momentum in their daily learning! Let us design a no-cost incentive program specifically for your school.

First stop - Determine your student's Lexile Reading Level with a quick and easy - yet scientific and comprehensive - evaluation from Total Reader. Already know your Lexile Level? Great!

Now it's time to hit the books! Make sure everyone who supported your student with donations knows the progress being made on the Reading Roadmap

Ask friends and family to support your student's Reading Roadmap with a small donation for each book. Make sure to let them know each book is an award nominee and the money will help their classroom! 

If the titles from your Student's Reading Roadmap aren't available in the school, you can purchase them through Blue Ribbon. Shipping is always free, and all formats are available!